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All Pictures By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2002, 2003

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Microsoft Mobile Platforms Division Partner Briefing 2006


CES 2006- Tablet PCs

Fujitsu P1510D
OQO Model 01+
OtterBox Laptop Case Preview
Toshiba Portege M400
Toshiba Remote Display

MEDC 2005 - Tablet PC Demos

CES 2004 Coverage

CES 2004 Pictures
Fujitsu 5000 Pictures
OQO 2004 Pictures

Comdex 2003 Coverage

Comdex Day 0 - Tablet PC Booth in Entryway

Comdex 2003 Bill Gates Keynote

    Page 1
    Page 2 - The Matrix
    Page 3 - LoneStar and More!

Comdex 2003 Tablet PC Pictures

Fujitsu Lifebook T3010
Hewlett Packard TC-1100
Sharp Actius TN10W
Toshiba Prot�g� M200
Viewsonic V1250

Comdex Day 1 -
    Show Floor
    Optimal Desktop
    Viewsonic Party

Comdex 2002 Coverage
Day 1, Day 1 Part 2
Day 2

Watch the EO V7110 in Action!
OtterBox 3600 Video

Vista WFP Ink Demo
Vista Ink Analysis Demo
Vista Slideshow Demo

Jumping Minds Word Ink Gestures Demo
MindJet's Mind Manager Demo

Tablet PC Video - 1 Hour demo from Chandler Bootck at Microsoft, Santa Monica 8/21/2002

Tablet PC Video - 1:30  minutes, PC Expo

NETA 1000 Tablet PC Video -  3:00 minutes, CES 2003

Ganassi Racing Video - Comdex 2003

Other Pictures

Electrovaya Scribbler SC-2000

Fujitsu T-4010

Tablet Kiosk EO Pictures and Video

Targus Accessories - CES 2003

Tablet PC Summit
PC Expo 2002

Tablet PC Pictures - 11/7 Launch

Acer C102i Pictures
Acer C102i Accessories

Amtek Tablet PC Pictures
Compaq TC 1000
Electrovaya Scribbler
Electrovaya Scribbler SC 1100
Fujitsu ST4000
Motion Computing M1200
Rosetta Tablet PC Pictures
Tatung Tangy 12.1"
Toshiba Portege 3500
Viewsonic V1100

Tablet PC Launch Advertising
Tablet PC Launch Pictures
Tablet PC Launch Press Event and Keynote


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