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Links: Various Tablet PC Websites, News Stories and Press Releases

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Microsoft Retailers
Microsoft's Tablet PC Website
Microsoft's Tablet PC Case Studies
Microsoft Tablet PC SDK 1.1
Microsoft Tablet PC SDK 1.7 Alpha - Request Information
Tablet PC ISV - Request Information
Bargain Tablet PC
Handheld PCs

Mobile Planet
Tablet Kiosk
Tablet Source
Other Tablet PC Websites
Sportinit - Source for Tablet Computing
TabClub (Korean)
Tablet Bible - Free Tablet friendly Bible
Tablet Central
Tablet Computing
Tablet Creations
Tablet Nexus
Tablet PC 2 - Japanese Official User Site
Tablet PC Buzz
Tablet PC Corner (French)
Tablet PC Developer - Microsoft's Developer site for Tablet PCs
Tablet PC Download
Tablet PC Download (German)
Tablet PC Experience
Tablet PC Links
Tablet PC Love
Tablet PC Lounge
Tablet PC Minds ...the new way 2 mobile! (German)
Tablet (German)
Tablet PC Post - A great source to download programs!
The Tablet PC
Tablet PC Questions - Message Boards about Tablet PCs
Tablet PC Users Group - Mailing List
Tablet PC Universe
Tablet PC Wiz
Tablet Site
TC One Thousand
Tech Call

GreenGem - ArtRage Pictures drawn with the Tablet PC
Loren's Blog
Marcus Tablet PC Radio Weblog
Tabula PC - Blog
The Tablet PCs Weblog

FAQs & Articles

Pen Computing's Tablet PC Q & A
11/7 Launch Links
Comdex 2002 Links
Pre-Launch News Links
OneNote FAQ (Unofficial)

Tablet PC Training

Tablet PC Training - Leszynski inDepth´┐Ż Training

Tablet PC Developers

ablet Factory
Empire Software, Inc.
Leszynski Group, Digital Ink Application Experts
Tablet PC Solutions Ltd (UK)
Tablet UML
The Charette Project - Tablet PC SmartStep

General Computing Websites that Include Tablet PCs

Doctor's Gadgets
Pen Computing

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