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Comdex (and More) Links

Bill Gates opens up Comdex

Gates Unveils New Smart Microsoft Devices, Services

Corel Grafigo Wins Best of COMDEX

Corel Earns Top Honors in Personal Software Category

Gateway to Offer Tablet PC

Gateway takes to tablets

Gateways plans to resell Motion's Tablet PC

The Lightest Tablet PC Yet

Reappearing Ink

Europe kicks off surrogate Comdex

Comdex spotlights fun, function

Future of the notebook

Comdex Fall: day four

Innovation’ Is All Relative at a Muted Comdex

Bikini babes, geeks still rule Comdex

Fast Forward - Microsoft Innovates with a Vengeance

Texterity Announces Catalog of Microsoft Reader eBooks

Stand by your brand

Microsoft wants to lead technology march

Tablet PC debuts

Cool gadgets light up Comdex show floor

New PC tablets cool but clunky

Tiresome Tablets

Gadgets Galore at Weary Comdex Trade Show

Astro to propel Transmeta’s comeback

Haunted by the ghost of Comdex past

Microsoft: Show and Tell at Comdex

Guarded optimism marks Comdex keynotes

A Bold Prediction For Chip Recovery

Comdex Highlights Handhelds, Wireless Computing

Panels Lead Comdex Product Parade

Gadgets coming soon to a pocket and desktop near you

Even Gates can’t put a shine on Comdex

See Bill. See Spot. Will Spot run?

Ads lead way for ‘new’ HP

A Library For Young Browsers

Comdex losing its gloss as tech industry flounders

Acer Gets Foothold in Tablet PC Arena

Versatile Compaq Tablet PC adapts mobile technology to suit any work style

Comdex: Get the gear you need

Gateway takes to tablets

Waiting for the Mac Tablet

Colligo Takes Immediate, Out-of-Box Messaging & File Transfer to Motion Computing’s New M1200 Tablet PC

Small, fast, or Mac

PC Magazine Names Best of Comdex Winners

Will Wi-Fi Save Tablet PCs?

Gateway opens a new tablet PC chapter

Comdex: Get the gear you need

Tide of tablet PCs rises at Comdex

IT Pros Discuss 2003 Concerns

Keyless entry

The galvanising tablet

BITS AND BYTES: Microsoft shows off Tablet PC at KC event

Waiting for the Mac Tablet

IDC sees Tablet PCs moving slowly in Asia

Tablet PC boasts 12.1-inch screen

Weird Comdex Products

Gadgets galore at US tech trade show

Ballmer: Tablets will displace laptops

NEC’s slim tablets...  

Surprise advance for Emily

Comdex 2002 - Des gagnants!

Ballmer: ‘Tablets Will Displace Laptops’ and Gates: ‘PCs are the Past’

Gates Unveils ‘OneNote’ Office Application

FIC introduces Transmeta 1GHz SlateVision

Office 11 sings a new note

Comdex: NEC expands services, hardware business : Gadgets Galore at Weary Comdex Trade Show

Shopping: Trade show revels in high-tech gadgets

Next wave of gadgets unveiled at high-tech show

Fiorina praises innovation but not Capellas

High-tech gadgets galore unveiled at Comdex

Cool toys debut at Comdex

Microsoft takes notes with new software

Microsoft to debut notepad software

Gates wants a smart chip on your wrist

Unleash power of home computing, Gates tells crowd

Comdex trade show highlights practical innovation

Dell, HP, Quanta hit out at Intel Banias platform

High-Tech Gadgets Abound At Comdex

Despite tech woes, it’s gadgets galore at Comdex

Gadgets aplenty, despite tech woes

High-power handheld unveiled at Comdex

Wireless to be the focus at Comdex

Talkin’ ‘bout Tablets

Tough Times Call for Both Caution and Innovation

Comdex notebook: .NET’s creator skips platform for debate

Microsoft's Bill Speaks, Tiqit Wows

Gates unveils new ‘intelligent’ products

Fiorina uses keynote to unveil HP ad campaign

Gates’ push for ‘smart’ computing

Transmeta to fly with Astro chip

Asia: Microsoft’s Land of Opportunity

PROFILE / Duane Zitzner

Gates Gives Sneak Preview of New Devices and Applications at COMDEX

COMDEX Fall 2002: A Show Report

Digital pen transfers scrawl to computer screen

Logitech io Personal Digital Pen Review

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