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Links: Pre-Launch Tablet PC News Stories and Press Releases

Wholesale Tablet PC Accessories at

Microsoft VP Raikes Urges Industry to Develop Products, Solutions that Support How People Work

Tablet PC Finding Its Stroke

Microsoft's PC Tablet Gives Power to the Pen

FranklinCovey, Agilix Labs Develop Tablet PC Planning Software

Big guns race to roll out Tablet PCs

Tablet PC Lives On, According to Raikes

VIA Tablet PC to bridge the gap between PC and notepad

Tablet PC: You'll love it, hate it--or won't care

Jury still out on Tablet PC

Tablet PC: 21st century notepad?

Microsoft sets November 7 as time for tablets

Microsoft Showcases Tablet PC, First Wave of Products Targeted At Increasing Information Worker Productivity at TECHXNY

Microsoft Showcases Tablet PC at TECHXNY

Tablet PC: Ahead of its time? ViewSonic Previews Its Tablet PC 1100

Microsoft Announces Version of eBook Reader Optimized for the Tablet PC Toshiba to Offer Portege Tablet PC

MS reveals new Office, Tablet PC plans

Microsoft's Tablet PC falls short of a religious eXPerience

TechXNY: Tablet PC OS slated for November Microsoft hopes new Tablet PC will put pens back into users' hands

Geoffrey Palmer's PlanetPDA presentation (PDF file)

Corel lines up with Microsoft

New York tech expo focuses on productivity

John Morris reports on Microsoft's Tablet PC

Jeff Raikes of Microsoft shows the new Tablet PC's

Panel Examines Past and Future of Business Technology

Tablet PC is unveiled 'Tablet PC' starts as laptop add-on

Tablet PCs Will Use Microsoft Windows (LA Times)

Drumbeat picks up for Tablet PCs Power to the pen

Microsoft's Tablet PC falls short of a religious eXPerience

Star of This Show: Not-So-PC Devices

Toshiba focuses on mobile computing

Wireless, tablets to hold court Wireless, tablets to hold court

Microsoft's Mira joins the CE family Mobility rules at tech show

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition reviewed

Microsoft's (New) Tablet PC Website

Pen Computing report on Tablet PC

Pen Computing report on Mira

Toshiba and Sotec announce support for Tablet PC

Tablet PC: The New Experience, in Depth

Acer wants customers to keep taking the tablets

Today's tablet PCs: Better, but still not ideal

Microsoft Unveils Japanese OS for Tablet PC

Air Force uses tablet PCs to direct Afghanistan airstrikes

Your Technology Future, According to Bill

Microsoft Research Article on Tablet PC

Acer Exhibits Tablet/Notebook PC

From a Slab, Fashioning a Clutch PC (NYT)

XP Service Pack 1 introduces support for Tablet PC

Bill Gates Talks Mobile Computing

PC makers bet their future on tablets

Acer aims to become the Tablet PC world leader

HP Developing Crusoe-Powered Evo Tablet PC

Google News Search for Tablet PC

The Tablet PC: A detailed look at Microsoft's proposed Tablet PC (by Geoff Walker)

Bill Gates Says, Take This Tablet

Tablet Computing Makes Another Run

Battle of the mobile PCs

Momentum Builds Behind Vision

The Buzz on Tablet PCs

The Microsoft Tablet

The Future of Print (2001 AES) - Bert Keely demo

The Pen Shall Rise Again

Microsoft sets sights on tablet PC, basics

Tablet PC items (

Via gets into Tablet PC biz

FIC gets Microsoft licence, dumps Linux

Tablet Taxonomy

Tablet PCs: Something to write home about?

"Microsoft invents, ahem...pen computing" by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer

Tablet PCs Inspire Business Use Hopes

Microsoft's Tablet PC: Get back to me in a year

Silicon Motion's low-power graphics Chip Supports Tablet PC

Microsoft developing PC tablet device

Gates unveils Tablet PC platform

Transmeta and Intel gain from Compaq Tablet

Brass in the middle of Microsoft's cultural shift

Microsoft Tablets to tempt mobile users

An Off-the-Wall Idea for a Net Appliance

Advanced Mobile Healthcare Solution To Be Developed For the Next Generation PC Platform

Microsoft names VP for Tablet PC

Transmeta wins Toshiba: nears a full Tablet PC set?

Bill's 'tablets' not easy to swallow

Gates says small PC will be big

Dell: Tablet PC Is Today's Pen PC

Redmond's Tablets don't work - not for Dell, anyway

PC tablet's the wrong prescription

Will Tablet PC prove a bitter pill for Microsoft?

Qbe Vivo

Acer Insider Weekly, Issue 47 (PDF)

One On One With Bill Gates (Tablet PC)

Microsoft gives a glimpse of the Tablet PC

Introduction to Tablet PC Ink Controls (SDK)

Groove Networks Plans Support For Microsoft Tablet PC Platform

Gates delivers Tablet PC from Comdex podium

Tablet PC information site

Paul Thurrott WinInfo Tablet PC articles

South China Morning Post Articles on the Tablet PC

Could A Tablet Cure Lagging PC Sales?

Wireless LANs could be in your hands soon

XP, Microsoft Tablet, and Winding Down

Will Tablet PCs Kill Notebook Computers?

Tablet PCs--Pen Windows Redux?

IBM Exec: Bad Timing for Tablet PC

Tablet PC market: It's Microsoft's to lose

Gates Unveils Portable Tablet PC

Bert Keely Tablet PC Demo Photo (photo by Anthony P. Bolante)

Microsoft Announces Details of its Tablet PC Computer

Microsoft Tablet PC Strategy (PowerPoint format)

Microsoft to Extend Office XP to Support Tablet PC

Tablet PC Impressive, But .Net Still Fuzzy

Bill Gates Talks about Tablet PC and Wireless tech at the MVP Summit

High climbers in Las Vegas

Why a tablet PC is in your future

Microsoft signs vendors for versatile Tablet PC

Tatung's Tablet PC

Gates: Tablet PC a productivity godsend

Microsoft Details Tablet PC Plans

Microsoft Tablet PC Overview

Microsoft Tablet PCs to debut 2002 at laptop prices

WinHEC 2001, Bill Gates remarks

Tablet PC Prototype Images

Mobility Radeon Tabletvision

Comdex 2001 & Tablet PC

PC makers not keen on tablets (Dell, Gateway, IBM and HP)

Silver Cloud Transparent Display Windows to Support Tablet PC's

Web Pads: The Next Big Thing

Computerworld Tablet PC articles

Tablet Watch 2001 (Frank Hayes)

Paul Thurrott WinInfo Tablet PC articles

Dell Wary on Making Tablet PCs

Emily Rimas posting on Tablet PC

Watcom offer for Tablet PC developers

This Tablet PC Is More Than a Blank Slate

Jonathan Coote's Comdex 2001 Report

The Future of Tech (Kiplinger)

Alex Loeb of Microsoft on Tablet PC (CNET Radio)

Charles P. Thacker Bio

Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age

The Tablet PC (Pen Computing article)

Bill Gates Says, Take This Tablet

Tablet PC: An Overview

Microsoft Expects to Ship Tablet PC in 2002

Tablet PCs at Comdex

Tablet PC: Much Hype, Few Specifics

MS XP-Tablet combo cuts Intel out of PC standards biz

MS Tablet PC: 70 per cent hype, 30 per cent snake oil

Leading Companies in Computer Industry Announce Commitment to Tablet PC Platform

Gates touts XML, Tablet PC at Comdex keynote

Gates Adds a Page to Tablet PC Story

Microsoft's Tablet PC Gets It Right

Tablet PC Partners' Frequently Asked Questions

The Future of Tablet PC

Gates Gets Industry Support for Tablet PC

Tablet PC: Déjà Vu or Something New?

Vendors swallow Microsoft's Tablet PC

Microsoft shows off Tablet PC and SDK

Microsoft Tablet PC (eBook Hardware)

Compaq and Transmeta named in Tablet PC XP gang

Phoenix Technologies Collaborates With Microsoft to Optimize Platformware Technology for Next Generation Tablet PC

Microsoft Details Tablet PC Plans

Fujitsu Continues Support for Microsoft Tablet PC Initiative

IT Insider by Ben Sullivan

Gates says PCs are not perfect, but sees big tech leap

A chip that's not off the old block

More Than a Palmtop, Not Quite a PC (Web pads)

Compaq Chooses XP for its Tablet PC

Ciro Design helps create high-tech product for Microsoft

Compaq Leads the Evolution of Portable Computing; Unveils Tablet PC Prototype

Yellow Pads, Past & Future

Microsoft betting on the Tablet PC

Jeffery Bialozor's Resume

Gates is high on 'digital decade'

Zinio Press Release (Word Doc format)

VIA releases Tablet PC design

VIA Continues the Drive for 'Total Connectivity' with the Microsoft Windows-Powered Tablet PC Concept

Microsoft ClearType®

Comdex: Gates' high hopes for Tablet PC

Gates Gets Industry Support for Tablet PC

Comdex: IBM cool to Tablet PC

Gates to Tout Tablet PC at Comdex Keynote

Keynote Remarks by Bill Gates, COMDEX - Fall 2001

Tablet PC Gets Mixed Reviews

Not Exactly A Roll Of The Dice, Gates Unveils Tablet Computer Prototype

Gates taps Intel, Transmeta for Tablet PC

Transmeta, Microsoft team up on Tablet PC

Microsoft betting on the Tablet PC

Tablet PC Visual Design Guidelines

Return of the Tablet PC (USA Today, 2000)

Computer-Human Interaction Conference (CHI 2001)

New Tabletvision display rotation technology ideal for use in Tablet PCs

Crusoe-based Tablet PC to enter mass production

Transmeta Collaborating With Microsoft on Tablet PC

Gates hands down his tablet

Compaq's Press Release on Tablet PC

"The Tablet PC is going to be revolutionary"

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