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CES 2006 - Toshiba Remote Display
By Chris De Herrera, 1/09/2006

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At CES 2006, I was able to see the new Toshiba Portege M400 and the Fujitsu P1500 as well as the OQO Model 01+ with Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition installed.  Also, Toshiba displayed a prototype of their Remote Display. Finally DualCor demonstrated the cPC.

Toshiba Remote Display - It's a display that uses a proprietary protocol to communicate with the rest of the PC.  Inside the display it supports the use of the Wacom digitizer so I was able to use a stylus with it.  The display alone is very light.  It felt like it weighed under 2 pounds.

Display Only

Bottom unit - contains a keyboard.

Side View

Description - A little blurry though.

Remote Display in use

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