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Tablet Kiosk EO V7110 Pictures and Video
By Chris De Herrera
Published 04-07-06

Here's some picture of Tablet Kiosk's EO V7110 Ultra Mobile PC I saw last night at the Orange County Mobile Users Group.  It runs Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition and uses a touch screen as well as a Via C7m CPU.  The base configuration is 256MB of ram and 30GB 2.5" hard drive.  At the time you order the EO you can customize the amount of ram from 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and hard disk up to 160GB.  The ram and hard disk is not user upgradeable.  Watch the EO V7110 in Action!

The front of the EO V7110

Close up of the up/down/left/right joystick and left and right mouse buttons as well as an application button and a keyboard button.

Here's a close up of the pointing stick (IBM style) and page up/down buttons as well as the button to change the screen resolution

Picture of the bottom - note the docking connector, Kingston Lock and stylus

Right Side - Power button, USB port, headphone jack

Here's the left side of the EO V7110 - power plug, usb port, wireless switch

Here's the bottom of the EO V7110.  This is where the speaker is and the fan to cool the CPU.

A close up of the stylus when it is extended.

A close up of the stylus when it is contracted.

Watch the EO V7110 in Action!

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