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Tablet PC 2005 FAQ
By Chris De Herrera
1/4/04, Revised 1/12/04

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Here is the latest information I have compiled about the Windows XP, Tablet PC 2005 Edition (code named Lonestar):

1.  What is Tablet PC 2005? 

Tablet PC 2005 is an update to the existing version of Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition which improves handwriting recognition.  In April 2004, Microsoft decided to rename the Tablet PC 2004 release to Tablet PC 2005.

See the following articles for more details:

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2.  How can I get Tablet PC 2005?

The only way to get Tablet PC 2005 right now is from Microsoft. Right now Microsoft has not opened it up for beta testing.  Beta testing is expected in March, 2004. I expect that it will be made available for developers in 1Q-2004 along with the 1.7 version of the SDK for Tablet PCs.  The general release of Tablet PC 2004 is expected during 2Q-2004.  Sometime subsequent to 2Q-2004, OEMs will offer the 2005 operating system on their new Tablet PCs.  If you really want the alpha now try e-mailing [email protected] and explain why you need it.

3.  Will Tablet PC 2005 be a free upgrade?

Yes, Tablet PC 2005 will be a free upgrade for existing Tablet PC users.  It will not be an upgrade for Windows XP users that do not have the original Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition operating system.

4.  Will there be an update for the Tablet PC SDK for developers?

Yes.  Along with Tablet PC 2005, there is an update from the Tablet PC SDK 1.5 to Tablet PC SDK 1.7.

5.  Will my existing Tablet PC application continue to work?

Yes. Existing Tablet PC applications will continue to work fine with Tablet PC 2005 and may actually work better due to the new technology being used.

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