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News Week of October 18, 2009

Fujitsu unveils multi-touch LifeBook Tablet PC

Skinny and lightweight, the LifeBook offers up a 12.1-inch WXGA LED screen equipped for two-finger touch interfacing, the Windows 7 operating system, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (up to 2.80GHz), up to 4GBs of RAM, a full-sized keyboard, an integrated Web camera, data and memory expansion via Memory Stick/microSD and ExpressCard slots, support for HDMI, VGA, FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet, and a trio of USB ports.

Beyond hard disk sizing options of 160GBs, 250GBs and 320GBs, and solid state options of 64GBs and 128GBs, the LifeBook Tablet PC also boasts a flexible modular bay that enables users to easily configure their systems as they see fit – be that through a second battery for prolonged operation, the input of an optical drive, or the addition of second hard disk drive. (Source: Stevie Smith, The Tech Herald)
Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009 by ChrisD
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Fujitsu lifebook T5010 Convertible All-Purpose Laptop

Of course, the whole point of this machine isn't really about mousing around--you're more likely going to use the T5010's touchscreen. At 13.3 inches and with a 1280 by 800 resolution, the T5010's screen might not be ideal for watching movies, but it makes for a comfortable writing surface. The screen is well lit, though colors appear muted. The configuration I tested was equipped with the optional dual digitizer, which provides a capacitive touchscreen for two-finger gesture support. This feature comes at the cost of an outdoor-ready display option, so users will have to decide if multitouch capabilities are more important than being able to work efficiently outside.

As the tiny Fujitsu LifeBook U820 shows, Vista can handle handwriting recognition and general tablet work with finesse. The included Wacom pen (with a nifty digital eraser) presents a convincing imitation of the ink-and-dead-tree experience. While lacking the robust pressure sensitivity of a full Wacom tablet, the combo here worked like a charm with light image editing and casual doodling in GIMP. When you aren't using the pen, you can store it in a slot just under the base of the machine. (Source: Nate Ralph, PC World Washington Post)

Posted Monday, October 19, 2009 by ChrisD
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The Hype Is Right

Apple's tablet will reinvent computing.

Nevertheless, this device may actually warrant the hype. Not because of the tablet itself but because of what it and others like it could do to the way we tell stories. Veteran editor Tina Brown, who now runs The Daily Beast, says we are about to enter "a golden age of journalism." I agree, and I think tablet devices will hurry that along.

These devices will play video and music and, of course, display text; they will let you navigate by touching your fingers to the screen; and—this is most important—they will be connected to the Internet at all times. For those of us who carry iPhones, this shift to a persistent Internet has already happened, and it's really profound. The Internet is no longer a destination, someplace you "go to." You don't "get on the Internet." You're always on it. It's just there, like the air you breathe.  (Source: Daniel Lyons,  Newsweek)

Posted Monday, October 19, 2009 by ChrisD
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