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Articles for Repairing Your Tablet PC
By Chris De Herrera
Revised 1/1/05

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Here's a collection of articles about repairing your Tablet PC.  Since many of these require you to open your Tablet PC, this may void your warranty.   I have not verified these articles for accuracy, so if you choose to work on your Tablet PC you do so at your own risk.  Always unplug the Tablet PC and remove the battery before performing any maintenance on it. If you know of another article on repairing your Tablet PC, please e-mail me at Tablet PC Talk.

Manufacturer Machine Article
Acer C300 sticky keys? GONE!!!! C300
Acer C300 Acer C300 Disassembly (in Chinese)
Acer C301 Wrong AC Adapter with Acer 301's
Acer C100 (includes C102 and C104), C110, C300 Purchase Service Manuals
Acer C102 Hard Disk Replacement
Acer C110/C111 Here's how to upgrade both RAM slots
Gateway M275 Hard Disk Replacement
Gateway M275 Upgrading the Gateway M275 Tablet PC to 802.11G
HP TC1100 Major invasive Operation: fan replacement
HP TC1000 Service Manual
HP TC1100 Service Manual
Toshiba M200/M205 LCD Enhancement (brighter and less glare)
Toshiba M200/M205 Toshiba M200/M205 Screen Mask Replacement by David Gaw
Toshiba M200 Screen Replacement / Clean Dust from Display
Toshiba M200/M205 Dothan 2.0 Upgrade from Banias or Dothan - Now Even Easier!

You can purchase a replacement stylus for most Tablet PCs at Amazon

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