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Tablet PC Feature Comparison

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Here is a comparison of the features of the Tablet PC compared to other Microsoft pen based operating systems:

Feature/Product Tablet PC Windows XP Pocket PC 2002 / Windows Mobile 2003 Handheld PC 2000
Digitizer (screen for input) used as a mouse Electromagnetic optional Analog Analog
Optimized Power States Required optional Required Required
Screen Rotation Required optional 3rd Party s/w n/a
Screen Resolution 120 DPI, 800 x 600 or greater 96 DPI or 120 DPI, 640 x 480 or greater 320 x 240 640 x 240
Surprise Undocking Required optional Required Required
Legacy Free Hardware Required optional n/a n/a
Hardware Button to Logon to Windows Required none n/a n/a
Ink Support Yes No Yes No
Windows Journal Yes No No No
On Screen Keyboard Yes Yes - with Office XP, requires manual install Yes No
On Screen Handwriting Recognition Yes Yes - with Office XP, requires manual install Yes No

See Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Specifications for details.

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