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Here is a list of applications that are designed to work with the Tablet PC:

ActiveDocs - It allows you to hand write information or annotate graphics on the screen of your Tablet PC to insert into an automated document. For example, a doctor visiting a patient takes notes on his Tablet PC by using the digital pen and �ink� capabilities. ActiveDocs for Tablet PC then takes this handwritten information and with the assistance of the ActiveDocs Document Wizard, adds it directly into a Clinician�s Report � a Microsoft Word document, perfectly formatted, ready for printing.

Alias Sketchbook Pro - Transforms your Tablet PC into a digital sketchbook, available anywhere, any time.   You don't have to be an artist to use Alias Sketchbook Pro. Think of it as your personal, portable, whiteboard!  You can sketch, annotate pictures and present your thoughts using the Tablet PC simpler and faster than ever.  Supports the Tablet PC's pressure sensitivity.

Colligo Personal - Software for real-time interactions that gives you the power and freedom to share information faster and more conveniently than dialing up, disk swapping, infrared or other traditional methods.

Denim - Allows for easy creating, editing, and running a web site design in DENIM, a pen interface.  Includes support for the Tablet PC as well as other systems with stylus.  Requires Java.

Grafigo - Available as a free download over its Web site on Nov 7. Grafigo is designed to let users take advantage of the Tablet PC�s pen-based input capabilities to collaborate with co-workers and partners via handwriting or sketching. The application also lets users mark up and read documents using a symbol library.  See Screen Shots

riteMail - Exchange handwritten emails between wireless handheld computers, desktops, laptops, Webpads and electronic whiteboards. riteMail works with any Java-enabled Web browser and displays handwritten letters, drawings and charts in the body of Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora, and other email messages.

SpeechStudio Suite 3.0 - Allows software developers to quickly add telephony capabilities to any desktop application, enabling many common scenarios, including auto-answer, touch-tone control, voice commands, speech output, audio recording and voice mail.

TabletPlanner -TabletPlanner is a planning tool based on FranklinCovey�s world-renowned productivity principles and designed to take advantage of the Tablet PC�s unique digital ink features. TabletPlanner provides the ease, speed, and convenience of planning in your own handwriting, and the flexibility, indexing, storage and search capabilities of a mobile notebook computer.  See Screenshots.

TruePen - TruePen-World is a software tool-optimized for tablet computers - that uses the full power of the pen to enhance your existing applications. TruePen-World provides powerful features for your pen-computer : namely gestures and custom keyboards. These features enhance your applications without requiring any modification nor recompiling of the applications themselves. TruePen-World also turns a standard tablet computer into a user-friendly �WebPad� for navigating through Web sites and custom (intranet or extranet) applications with standard Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers.

Zinio - Watch your magazines come alive in Zinio Reader�. When the pages flip, it's like the magazine is in your hands. Zoom, search, click to articles from the table of contents, highlight text and write electronic notes. With a few simple keystrokes or mouse clicks, your magazines are easy to navigate and a pleasure to read. You can even send a free copy to friends via email.

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