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WinHEC 2007 - Multi-Touch Demo
By Chris De Herrera, 5/16/2007

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Presentation by Reed Townsend

Microsoft has been working on a prototype driver change to support multi-touch with Windows Vista.  This prototype allows a user to use two finger gestures for common actions that a user may want to take.   Examples include zoom (taking your thumb and fore finger and spreading them out to enlarge and closing them to shrink) as well as custom implementations in Microsoft's Virtual Earth that allows the user to use two fingers to touch the start and end points of a trip.  Also drawing at the same time with two fingers is another possibility.  To see multi-touch in action take a look at the video below. 

There are no plans if or when this will be release to the public - this was a prototype demo only.

Multi-Touch Demo - Click to watch the video!

Multi-Touch Demo Video

Background presentation material:

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