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Cheryl's Tablet PC Diary - Day 7

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About Cheryl Wester

Cheryl is a high school teacher that recently won a Tablet PC.  This is the beginning of her diary based on using the Acer Tablet PC she won.

Day Seven with my Tablet PC...  The Saga Continues

As I write this Acer is busy trying to fix herself. I wrote to Julius Sinkevicius of Microsoft. He is part of the Tablet PC team and has been doing research to see if he can determine what is causing the problems. He seems to feel it is Office XP Service Pack 2 that is causing the problem in conjunction with Norton Anti-Virus Software. The Microsoft Knowledge Base has a couple of articles on this and Iím in the process of seeing if this makes Acer feel better. Everyone, please keep your fingers crossed.;en-us;329352;EN-US;329820 

The above are the links he referred me to.

Ideally I will be able to use the Tablet Functions in this before sending it off.

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