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Cheryl's Tablet PC Diary - Day 6

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About Cheryl Wester

Cheryl is a high school teacher that recently won a Tablet PC.  This is the beginning of her diary based on using the Acer Tablet PC she won.

Day Six with my Tablet PC...  Acer is Home

I was so excited to see Acer. I could get her all ready for the holidays and show her off to all my friends and family. I carefully opened her box and she had a new heart (hard drive). I lovingly installed Microsoft Office Professional and then the required updates. I checked to see if all were working and then installed the Tablet Pack. It still doesnít work like it is suppose to. It is doing the exact same thing as I described earlier. Iím so upsetóI followed all directions and made sure that antivirus software was disabled. Now Iím not sure what Iím suppose to do. I really want to use her to her full potential, but how when the apps are not working with Office.

I am going to contact the hard working team from Microsoft. Hopefully they will have some ideas. All that Iíve been trying to do has been documented. I know how it is suppose to work as I tried all the features out with other Tablet PCs. Wish me luckóuntil next time.

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