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As reviewed by Christopher Coulter

Acer TravelMate C100 - TMC-102T, TMC-102Ti
Convertible Dream: Best of all worlds, though hinge feels clumsy and could use better casing, Biggest problem: 256 meg limit, like what??, the Acer feels perfectly small and compact but yet fully-stocked, runs medium hot, curved keys feel small, wish full-sized. Screen seems blurry further away, harder to show off to others. But still overall a dream machine, just want more ram, a faster CPU and full-sized keys. Version 2 of the Acer might be everything.

Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000 Series
Overall Performer: Seems zippy even with the older CPU, nice look - polished is the word, button design is great, doesn’t get as hot, thin and sleek. Grant a faster CPU and keep the cool-running elements and a winner. Perfect Vertical and perfect Consumer, best of both, imho.

Toshiba Portégé 3500 Series
Fastest Kid on the Block:
Gentlemen start thy engines, zoom, fast, fast. A sleek and nice look, just a bench-press Tablet, feels heavy. Seems a true notebook replacement, 12.1" AND Convertible, runs Medium hot, best slot choices, hence a good PDA-companion. Battery life horrid, sigh, though true of all Tablets, but more so here, stands to reason however.

HP Compaq TC1000 models

Design of the Future: A beauty to behold, the FinePoint digitizer feels more fluid, not pressure sensitive tho, CPU speed overall is medium smooth though could use a boost here and there, lags at times, perfect travel Tablet. Pretty looks, and halfway decent speed. Closest to the ‘Dynabook’ ideal. Sleek design not as handy sometimes, in comparison to the multi-buttoned slates. Pretty design has a downside in lost functionality. Faster CPU, and more functionality and a future winner.

ViewSonic V1100
Function over Form: With the large unit, the screen seems like it should be 12.1", nice casing, feels solid. Seems kind of slow, CPU-wise. More functional over pure look. Medium hot. Good overall performer, might be a big play in Education and Consumer markets. Needs a faster CPU and larger screen. For the size of the unit, 12.1" would be perfect. Overall great, just no jazzy extras. Workhorse.

PlaceBlade PaceBook
Innovate Me:
Active Digitizer AND Touch Screen. Wow. Tablet as better (if larger) PDA. FinePoint fluid. Felt solid casing, great all-in-one everything-needed almost. The on-screen keyboard is just so cool. Feels slow however, the Crusoe seems to lag it. A ‘need for speed’, and could be a winner, though overall great even now.

Motion M1200 (Gateway)
Slate of the Union: Wow, just LOOK at it. Big screen, nice, nice, just the main problem is that Motion almost needs oven-mitts after awhile, runs HOT. Real hot. But still wow. Just look at that screen! Graphic Artists dream machine. Startup stigma, but the Gateway resell deal and good-overall network, might provide some backing. For the future: faster CPU and cool-running enhancements and winner.

Electrovaya Scribbler models
Battery Life Major Performer: High-priced, heavy and not exactly going to win any beauty design contests (too boxy), BUT it has something going for it, battery-life that outlasts ALL others, 10 to 16 hours, truly an all-day Tablet. Function over Form. Felt medium fast speedwise, low heat. Some sort of design spice-up and a winner. If you are tired of always having to recharge and don’t care about looks, this is your Tablet.

Xplore iX104
Battlefield Baby:
The rugged ‘can-survive-a-nuclear-war’ model, Vertical/Military use mainly, very heavy, nice bumper system, runs medium fast, Communications smorgasbord, not for the End User, but a very impressive Tablet for the rugged market. High Priced.

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