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News Week of June 5, 2011

Microsoft reportedly considers launching own-brand tablet PC

Although Microsoft has been seeking business opportunities outside of PC-related markets and is aggressively launching own-brand products, Xbox 360 is currently the only own-brand product line that Microsoft has achieved success, while Zune media player, Kin smartphone and own-brand TVs all had unsatisfactory performance. However, Microsoft is still considering to launch an own-brand tablet PC and is proceeding on a low profile, the sources noted.

The sources pointed out that despite the plans to launch its own-brand tablet PC, Microsoft will continue to push its IDP plans for Windows 8. (Source: Monica Chen, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DigiTimes)

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Nuance’s T9 Trace, T9 Write and XT9 to Ship on Fujitsu Slate Tablet

Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced that its T9 Trace, T9 Write and XT9 are shipping on the recently launched Fujitsu STYLISTIC® Q550 slate tablet PC. The latest STYLISTIC Q550 slate tablet PC from Fujitsu was specifically designed for the mobile enterprise, with features like security, management, usability, content creation and collaboration, and a multitouch interface powered by Nuance’s market-leading predictive input technology.

Tablets are experiencing significant adoption because they keep today’s mobile consumer connected both personally and professionally. But without an intuitive interface, that productivity becomes limited. Nuance’s T9 Trace continuous touch transforms the virtual keypad on the STYLISTIC Q550 slate tablet PC into one that allows users to input text faster than ever, gliding their finger or stylus from one letter to the next to easily update documents, send emails, or search the Web. Fujitsu’s STYLISTIC Q550 will also feature T9 Write, Nuance’s handwriting technology that lets users write symbols, numbers, letters and words with either their finger or the tablet’s stylus pen. And because both T9 Trace and T9 Write are built on Nuance’s renowned XT9 predictive text technology, users are able to seamlessly switch back and forth among tracing, handwriting and tapping, while achieving incredibly high accuracy with SloppyType ™ word-error correction, word prediction, and automatic punctuation.

Nuance’s T9 Trace, T9 Write and XT9 also support more than 80 languages and dialects worldwide, enabling OEMs like Fujitsu to offer predictive input-powered tablets in a broad range of markets across North America and Asia.

“Fujitsu is delivering a sophisticated tablet experience that changes the dynamic of mobile business productivity, with an intuitive virtual keypad powered by Nuance’s best-in-class predictive input that lets users get more done in less time,” said Susumu Nikawa, General Manager of Fujitsu Limited’s Personal Systems Business Unit.

“Tablets need to provide a universal experience that allows users to quickly and easily input text for both simple and complex tasks – whether it’s a quick text message or updating an important business proposal,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “That experience is built on an intuitive keypad, which is why OEMs are relying on Nuance’s full suite of T9 predictive capabilities to bring effortless text input to consumers worldwide.”


The Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 slate tablet PC with T9 Trace and XT9 will be available in the US, Canada, and Asia (excluding Japan) in June 2011. The Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 slate PC with T9 Write will ship in Asia (excluding Japan) in June 2011.

For more information, visit

T9 Trace, T9 Write and XT9 are a part of Nuance’s pervasive and broad voice and predictive input portfolio that are changing the dynamics of how consumers engage mobile devices, consumer electronics and automobiles. To learn more, visit (Source: Press Release)

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BIOS designer Phoenix readies for tablet PC competition

PC BIOS designer Phoenix Technologies, facing the rise of tablet PCs, has prepared solutions for ARM architectures with expectations to gain a strong market share in the upcoming Android and Windows 8 generation in 2012, according to Kelly Wu, VP and general manager of Phoenix Greater China. (Source: Monica Chen, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DigiTimes)
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TabletKiosk Introduces World’s Most Powerful Slate Tablet PC

TabletKiosk Introduces World’s Most Powerful Slate Tablet PC

Next Generation Sahara Slate PC i500 Powered by Intel Core i7 Processor, Runs 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 Operating Systems


TORRANCE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TabletKiosk, a leading provider of slate-style Tablet PCs and customized mobility solutions for the enterprise, today announced the availability of the Sahara Slate PC® i500 series, the newest generation in the company’s flagship line of Tablet PCs. The new line features an unparalleled array of user configurable options that provide flexibility in terms of user input, functionality, performance and price. Now shipping, the Sahara Slate PC i500 will be on display at Computex Taipei (Microsoft Booth, Nangang Hall #L108).

“TabletKiosk has a long history of providing breakthrough Tablet PCs to business customers. The combination of TabletKiosk’s creative product design and Intel’s energy efficient performance will enable businesses to implement tablet technologies that will deliver growth and business success.”

Designed for professional use in the field or at the office, the Sahara Slate PC i500 offers a robust, yet highly mobile computing solution in a new sleek, streamlined design. Capable of running 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional, the Sahara Slate PC i500 is the only slate-style Tablet PC currently powered by an Intel® Core™ i7-640LM vPro™ processor, making it the most powerful on the market today. It also is equipped with a 12” dual mode screen that intuitively switches between a Wacom® active digitizer (pen) and two different touch options, including traditional resistive and new, multi-touch capacitive screens. Flexible input options allow users to leverage the precision of Microsoft’s Digital Inking technology for superior handwriting recognition.

“We really hit the mark with the Sahara Slate PC i500 by offering an even more enhanced user experience at a price point starting below the previous generation,” said Martin Smekal, president and CEO of Torrance, CA-based TabletKiosk. “Like all of our products, the Sahara Slate PC i500 is built with a designated purpose emphasizing productivity and speed. With its enormous power and modular expansion capability, the i500 allows an enterprise the flexibility to choose add-on functionality to support a highly specialized business application, minimizing the need to pay for superfluous options.”

TabletKiosk offers mobile solutions for industry sectors including healthcare, gaming and hospitality, government, industrial control systems and field force automation. The Sahara Slate PC i500 gives users the flexibility to choose different functionality solutions, ranging from basic to add-on modules for highly targeted business applications, such as a bar code scanner for inventory management or a magnetic stripe reader, creating a mobile point-of-sale device.

The Sahara Slate PC i500 is manufactured with dual hot swappable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, which allows users to essentially operate the Tablet PC 24/7 without any system down time. As with all TabletKiosk products, the new Tablet PC features an extended life cycle of more than 24 months, as well as compatibility with existing accessories.

“Intel is excited to see the strength of mobile Intel Architecture come to market through one of our innovative, longtime customers,” said CJ Bruno, VP, GM, Intel Americas. “TabletKiosk has a long history of providing breakthrough Tablet PCs to business customers. The combination of TabletKiosk’s creative product design and Intel’s energy efficient performance will enable businesses to implement tablet technologies that will deliver growth and business success.”

Enhanced Security

To address on-going concerns in the enterprise marketplace regarding mobile security and remote management, the new Sahara Slate PC i500 features an Infineon Single Chip TPM (trusted platform module) with high-level encryption capability; Intel vPro technology with BIOS level remote management; and Intel® Trusted Execution and Intel® Anti-Theft Technologies. Together, these security measures keep critical data safe from external attacks or physical theft, provide for secure remote access with field upgradeability, and enable safer electronic transactions and wireless communication.

“We are delighted to see TabletKiosk, one of our strategic OEM partners, launch the new Sahara Slate PC i500, here at Computex,” said Eddie O’Brien, Vice President US OEM, Microsoft Corporation. “This high-end device, when brought to life by Windows 7, is clearly designed to meet the needs of serious business professionals who seek to leverage the power of productivity, security, and digital inking capabilities in a single device.”   (Source: Press Release)

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Windows 8 To Bridge PC Tablet Chasm

Microsoft Friday announced their vision of the Windows 8 OS that has been hinted and rumored to operate equally well on PCs and tablets. A Microsoft official said Friday that apps built specifically for the “yet to be released” Windows 8 will run on both tablets and PCs, regardless of the fact that their will be different versions for the PC and Tablet PC. This is unlike the Google Android 4.0 OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, will be out the end of this year and which boasts of its ability to use the same version of its OS for tablets and PCs alike. Microsoft is hoping to accomplish universal app acceptance using different versions of Windows 8 tailor-made for the device it is running on.

If they can deliver on this lofty claim, Microsoft could have a huge advantage over other competing systems that force consumers to choose between devices based on their OS compatibility. Knowing that your tablet, laptop PC and Desktop can all work in sync, and that apps and software will be compatible across all these platforms means more devices will lean toward using Windows 8 as an OS, evolving into a bigger payday and increased market share for Microsoft.  (Source: Sharon,

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