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News Week of October 26, 2008

Fujitsu Lifebook U2010: the tiniest notebook in the world

Like it or not, netbooks are here to stay, and nearly every notebook manufacturer has released their own take of the popular low-cost mini notebook design. But is there still a market for MID/UMPC-style machines? That’s the question Fujitsu poses with the Lifebook U2010. It’s tinier than the most miniature of netbooks, with a footprint that’s smaller than this mag’s DVD cover, and it weighs a petite 610g (the lightest netbook comes in at just under a kilo).

But size isn’t the only factor separating the U2010 from its larger netbook cousins. It has the same form factor of a tablet PC, for starters, with a touchscreen that rotates 180 degrees and folds back onto the keyboard for use as a slate.
Another key difference is price. Most netbooks, with the exception of the HP Mini-Note 2133, run for under $700, and while the U2010 sells for a fair bit cheaper than its predecessor, the U1010, it’s still twice as expensive as a netbook. Part of the markup comes from the aforementioned tablet form factor – the rest comes from the fact that, like the HP Mini-Note, it runs the pricier Windows Vista Business.   (Source: Jenneth Orantia,

Posted Thursday, October 30, 2008 by ChrisD
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Windows 7 Tablet PC Screen Shots

Several of us on the team are fortunate enough to be participating in the Windows 7 beta, and we’ve got some screen shots of some of the new Tablet PC features in Windows 7. Keep in mind, a lot of this might change between now and release. There will be more coming, so stay tuned. Warner will be filming an InkShow soon. Hit the Read More link to see the gallery of screen shots. Click the images for bigger shots.
Posted Wednesday, October 29, 2008 by ChrisD
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Panasonic unveils new ToughBooks

Panasonic has also introduced a new model to the ToughBook range with the CF-U1, a UMPC weighing 1.06kg, which shares the IP54 rating of the other fully rugged toughbooks. The CF-U1 includes a 5.4-inch LED touchscreen, hot swappable dual Li-Ion batteries, a solid state drive, Wi-Fi and an Intel Atom processor. The CF-U1 also includes a QWERTY keypad, and is available for an RRP of $3,500.   (Source: Alex Serpo, CNet Australia)
Posted Tuesday, October 28, 2008 by ChrisD
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A closer look at the Kohjinsha SX 8.9"

I've not really tried the predecessors of this sleek little thing before but was told it's really popular. Given the design and features of the Kohjinsha SX3KP06MS, I'm hardly suprised.

I'm in Dubai now but managed to run this machine to the ground recently at the Moscow airport and on the flight to Dubai. About close to 3 hours of maximum performance with everything on--Wi-Fi, DVD, etc., on the standard battery. I think you can get 4+ hours on power-saver mode. And then close to another 7 hours on balanced mode on the extended battery. For this I managed to switch off the DVD player, yes, there's a cool little switch for that, and the Wi-Fi for half the way on the plane. Call me a happy camper. n (Source: Nicholas Aaron Khoo, CNet Asia Blogs)
Posted Tuesday, October 28, 2008 by ChrisD
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Bargain Hunt: Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs have always been a bit on the pricey side, but you can't deny the appeal of a fully functional laptop with a touch screen—especially if you have the sort of job that has you on your feet and taking notes or entering data on the fly. As with any tech product, scoring the hottest, newest model is gonna cost you, but a little extra patience and a bit of smart shopping can help you bring one home for less than you thought.  (Source: Corinne Iozzio, PC Magazine)
Posted Monday, October 27, 2008 by ChrisD
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HP TouchSmart IQ506 Review (Video)

The HP TouchSmart IQ506 is HP's new top of the line, all-in-one computer. There are several companies that put out all-in-ones, these days; Apple famously has the iMac series, Gateway(Acer) has the Gateway One, Dell has the XPS One, and Sony recently came out with a series of high-end all-in-one computers. HP's TouchSmart line is very different from all the others however, because it's built around one idea, one concept: touch. So if you think about it, the TouchSmart has similarities to Microsoft's Surface, one big touch tablet. Is it just a gimmick, though, or is it a worthwhile addition? Read on for our full review of the IQ506.  (Source: J. R. Nelson,
Posted Monday, October 27, 2008 by ChrisD
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Sahara I440D - a Tablet “Mac”??\

I love this little machine, with the bright screen (decent viewing angle.. not quite as good as my old Motion machine) and the handy touch screen. It’s a little power house, and a great desktop replacement.

The only thing that could make this tablet greater is a combination wacom / CAPACITIVE touch screen with multi-touch! That would really blow the doors off of anything out there, in my opinion..  Also, as I mentioned, a DVI out would be fantastic plus to have. (Source: Chad Easley's Tablet PC SketchBlog, via GottaBeMoble)

Posted Monday, October 27, 2008 by ChrisD
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