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News Week of February 22, 2009

The Curse of Cursive

Penmanship, like hieroglyphics and the IBM Selectric, has lost its purpose. Let's erase it for good.

In all my years of school, there was only one time I cried in class. It was the first week of first grade—Mrs. Scougie's room—and we were learning cursive. Q. I hated the letter. But it wasn't that I couldn't get the strokes right. It was the way I held my pencil: with four fingers around the base, not three—an apparent crime against writing protocol. And though I still write that way, thank you very much, I haven't used script since elementary school. I type, I Twitter, I Facebook and IM. I e-mail co-workers who sit feet from my desk, and text rather than call. The only time I pen a handwritten letter is when I write to my grandmother. So when I hear people say that penmanship is dead, my response: it's about time.  (Source: Jessica Bennett, NEWSWEEK)

Posted Thursday, February 26, 2009 by ChrisD
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HP Touchsmart TX2-1015ea tablet PC

HP’s Touchsmart TX2 is unusual among Tablet PCs in that it’s intended for home use rather than corporate use. You’ll find glossy patterned plastics more in-keeping with the company’s Palivion range than its Compaq machines. The only question is, is there actually a market for touchscreen displays on consumer laptops?

The panel works with both a stylus and fingers, making it easy to navigate the Vista OS. We found it too responsive, however, with the device reacting before we’d even touched the display. As such, it’s impossible to rest a palm on the screen when scribbling away with the stylus, forcing you to adopt a more uncomfortable hovering motion.

Although it’s a bright and sharp screen, image quality is lessened by the touchscreen technology, with a hazy finish that looks almost greasy. It’s at its worst when viewing small text, where we found it uncomfortable to use over longer periods.   (Source: Stephen Patrick, Pocket Lint)
Posted Thursday, February 26, 2009 by ChrisD
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Tablet PC2 Review: HP 2730p EliteBook Tablet PC

Sleek and thin with a beautiful display the HP 2730p EliteBook Tablet PC is packed with features and small details that make the HP EliteBook Table PC experience stand out from the crowd. 

With so may Tablet PCs available today what makes the 2730p Tablet PC standout? 

Ease of use, an exceptional screens..... There is no question that HP paid careful attention to detail when designing the HP 2730p EliteBook Tablet PC. The listened to users    It's sleek, sturdy and powerful, the case is fingerprint resistant, it has a great pen and ink experience,a built in webcam and a light to illuminate the keys.. Those are just some of the features that made the HP Tablet PC stand out from the crowd. 

           Full Sun                                    Inside                                    In the Shade

The HP 2730p EliteBook Tablet PC Tablet PC has an exceptionally good indoor /outdoor display

It's All in the Details........   (Source: Linda A. Epstein,

Posted Thursday, February 26, 2009 by ChrisD
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