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News Week of January 18, 2009

Eat Your Heart out Crayola: A Crayon Physics Deluxe Review

This is where I would start talking about the bad points of the gameÖif there were any. Truly, there is very little that would make a gamer throw their mouse across the room in frustration or make you want to stop playing the game in general. The game runs smoothly, plays very well, and has an atmosphere that is charming and whimsical. The controls are fantastic, and if you have a drawing tablet or tablet PC handy then they are even more refined. Youíll lose yourself in the music while your mind is overtaken by the amusing and sometimes downright difficult puzzles. If you donít mind putting on your thinking cap when you start up the game, thereís no reason not to check it out.  (Source: Kdin Jenzen, GotGame)
Posted Friday, January 23, 2009 by ChrisD
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The Mobile Internet Device: In search of itself

The entertainment focus was clearest with UMPCs (another dead category, though I'm hardly the first to point that out). UMPCs were marketed as "lifestyle" gizmos, as if many people were ever going to make a relatively bulky 7-inch display tablet PC with two-hour battery life part of their lifestyle. But in a smaller form factor--say a 5-inch display, a total weight under a pound, and battery life of at least five or six hours--a MID can fit this bill. As long as it's small enough (and rugged enough) to carry around in a purse or jacket pocket, and cheap enough to be written off to the entertainment budget like a Netflix subscription or a new TV, a MID could indeed become a lifestyle product.  (Source: Peter Glaskowsky, CNet)
Posted Thursday, January 22, 2009 by ChrisD
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Tablet PC Inking Plugin for Acrobat

Good friend of James Province shot us a link to a video showing an Inking plugin for Acrobat.  Whatís the best part?  Well, James is the star of that video!  The post that is over on the Acrobat Blogs is informative and also has a video overview of the application in action.  This new inking plugin looks like the perfect solution for iediting in Acrobat if you donít want to purchase a 3rd party PDF application.  The cost of this plugin is $69. (Source: Matt Faulkner, GottaBeMobile)
Posted Wednesday, January 21, 2009 by ChrisD
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Madison board hears tablet update

Madison High School purchased Tablet PCs through Gateway two years ago as a participant in the Classroom Connections program. Each high school student received a Tablet PC to use throughout the school year.

Although the computers had warranty coverage, parents were asked to purchase insurance that would cover the computer if it were lost, stolen or damaged in a fire because those three items were not covered by the company warranty.

Parents had the option to get no additional coverage, take out a private insurance policy or purchase the school district protection plan.  (Source: Rob Honomichl , The Madion Daily Leader)
Posted Wednesday, January 21, 2009 by ChrisD
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TechCrunch Tablet Update: Prototype B

The device has a 12-inch touchscreen with a 4:3 aspect ratio (which is ideal for web browsing in my opinion). It is powered with a Via Nano processor, which has performed at par with the Intel Atom in our testing. 1 GB of ram (its more than we need) and a 4 GB flash drive to store the OS and browser and any cache. Resolution is 1024◊768, which means the vast majority of websites are viewed in full width without scrolling. The device also has wifi, an accelerometer (so when you turn the screen on its side you can view more of a web page), a camera and a four cell battery. Total cost of the device, when we include estimates for the case, codecs and other miscellaneous items, is just over $200. Prototype B is actually much less expensive because the screen we used isnít very good. The price estimate includes a much better, more expensive LCD.  (Source: Michael Arrington, Tech Crunch)
Posted Tuesday, January 20, 2009 by ChrisD
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Windows 7 Media Center Touch Interface Preview

Gizmodo a while back originally posted the first video Iíve seen of the new Windows 7 Media Center Touch Interface. Unfortunately, for many, Microsoft asked Gizmodo to pull the (I guess) private presentation video, which can now be found on YouTube. Thankfully, Microsoft has had a change of heart and showcased the new interface at CES for all to see. Attached is the video recorded by Engadget.   (Source: Alexander Grundner, eHomeUpgrade)

Posted Tuesday, January 20, 2009 by ChrisD
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Asus shows off Eee PC T91 tablet netbook touchscreen

We shot some hands-on footage of the Eee PC T91 tablet netbook at CES, but now Asus has released a six-minute video of its own that shows how the touchscreen looks in action.   (Source: Julian Prokaza , Mobile Computer)
Posted Tuesday, January 20, 2009 by ChrisD
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