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News Week of November 15, 2009

Innovative Surgeon Creates Paperless Practice with Tablet PC Technology

In a unique blend of the old and the new, innovative Australian orthopaedic surgeon Dr. George Murrell has partnered with Motion Computing’s mobile tablet PC technology and local wireless networking and healthcare software specialists to create a paperless, cutting-edge medical practice in an old church in southern Sydney.

Six months after leaving all paper patient files behind to move into the practice’s newly renovated premises, formerly Kogarah’s Presbyterian Church, the combination of the historic church and mobile modern technology is a success story.

The old church was built in the 1920s after its congregation expanded beyond the original next door 1800s building. Parishioners later dwindled and seeing the building for sale, close to both his St. George Hospital research laboratory and day surgery 100 metres away, Dr. Murrell bought the church as a shared premises for his practice and his wife’s dermatology practice. Kogarah’s Mayor, Nickolas Vararis, officially opened the new premises on 17 October.

The Director of St. George Hospital’s Orthopaedic Research Institute and a Professor at the University of New South Wales, Dr. Murrell divides his time between academic work, seeing patients; and conducting research with his specialist shoulder surgery team.

Going Paperless - Challenges and Solutions

The challenge for Dr. Murrell and his medical and office staff was to replace its paper filing system, a 100% commitment backed by eliminating any filing space in the new premises. “The space we’ve saved from 15,000 inch-thick paper patient records has created new exam and teaching rooms.”

Searching for solutions, Dr. Murrell found an Australia review site that was very positive about Motion tablets, recommending systems integration and networking specialists Secure Agility.

“They lent me an evaluation tablet to test out Motion’s technology and Australian head Paul Nowicki provided a high level of personalised support. Secure Agility then designed the wireless system for us to make sure the tablets could be used everywhere, including our day surgery 100 metres away,” said Dr. Murrell.

Dr. Murrell searched first for available Australian software, before finding integrated server-based solution in New Zealand from Houston Medical (.net); making contact in late 2008 with managing director Derek Gower of Houston Medical. “When we went ahead, Derek and Australia manager Warren Goertz have been hands-on with great service in comparison with larger, more impersonal firms.”
Dr. Murrell wanted a mobile tablet solution that all users could walk around with and use flexibly. Multiple people can now access patient information simultaneously.

“It was well worth it once we were over the initial barrier. At any time, several people can work with the tablets, with patients in the front desk area filling out their information on the tablets; and staff working in the teaching area. “Patients get more specific and reliable when using the tablets, on paper many patients wouldn’t fill out all questions.”

The team can then view reports, ultrasounds and X-rays either using the docking stations, or keyboard systems linked to regular PCs with wide 36” screens. The day surgery’s tablets plug into the wireless network, eliminating the need to carry files up and down the road.

With doctors also referring to the same data on the server and no hand-transcription now required, sharing and utilising information is much more convenient and has eliminated manual errors. “We collaborate better with patients, viewing results with them on the large screens. Houston’s next sends patients’ reports back to their referring doctor.”

Another benefit is being able to view patient records at home or in remote locations. “Our entire team can provide care and access information no matter where we are, by just logging into our server.” Dr. Murrell’s practice now functions in real time, with patients and team alike benefiting from improved accuracy and efficiency across a wide range of areas for medical and office staff.

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About Motion Computing
Motion Computing is a leading provider of integrated mobile computing solutions, combining world-class innovation and industry experience so professionals in vertical industries such as healthcare, field sales and service and government can use computing technology in new ways and places. The company’s enhanced line of tablet PCs, mobile clinical assistants and accessories are designed to increase productivity for on-the-go users while providing portability, security, power and versatility. Motion combines those products with services and unique vertical market knowledge to deliver robust solutions – platforms, peripherals, services and wireless – customized for the needs of a particular industry. For more information, visit

About Dr. George Murrell

George A C Murrell, MBBS (Adel), MD (UNSW), DPhil (Oxon) -- George Murrell is Director of the Orthopaedic Research Institute at St George Hospital and Professor at the University of NSW. He graduated from Adelaide University and was the 1984 South Australian Rhodes Scholar. At Oxford he completed a DPhil (PhD) and was awarded the Royal College of Surgeons Arris and Gale medal. He spent a year in Cambridge teaching before completing his orthopaedic training at Duke University, USA, followed by a two year fellowship in sports medicine, shoulder surgery and research at the Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, where he gained a National Institutes of Health First Award, and an American Orthopaedic Association North American Travelling Fellowship.

Professor Murrell specialises in shoulder surgery and has a special interest in arthroscopic methods to repair and restore damaged ligaments and tendons. His team has won over 30 awards for their work and his fellowship program attracts surgeons and patients from around the world.  (Source: Press Release

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New PDF and Pen Friendly Tool Streamlines Tablet PC Use in Healthcare and Education

Foxit Corporation, a leader in mobile/desktop PDF solutions and Ritescript®, a division of Evernote® Corporation, a provider of handwriting recognition and digital ink technologies have announced an immediate availability of PDF PenSuite Pro™.

Foxit Corporation, a leader in mobile/desktop PDF solutions and Ritescript®, a division of Evernote® Corporation, a provider of handwriting recognition and digital ink technologies have announced an immediate availability of PDF PenSuite Pro™. The PDF PenSuite Pro is a bundle of Foxit’s new all-in-one PDF solution Foxit Phantom and Ritescript ritePen® handwriting recognition, desktop control and annotation software. PDF PenSuite Pro is a powerful and affordable pen-friendly tool for creating, editing, markup, annotation, and text entry into PDF documents and forms.

Fill Out Forms On the Fly Completely

The PDF PenSuite Pro users will benefit by having access to easy digital ink markup, the ability to instantly sign PDF documents and forms, filling in forms with high accuracy using full-screen writing and context aware handwriting recognition, and easy inline corrections.

“Foxit is pleased to be partnering with Ritescript, a distinguished leader in digital ink technology. By consolidating our technologies, users will have access to premium fill out form technology and will have the ability to instantly sign PDF documents and forms. The PDF Pensuite Pro is another example of how Foxit continues to strive to deliver the best in PDF solutions for its users. ” said Eugene Xiong, chief executive officer of Foxit Corporation.
“We at Ritescript are excited about the cooperation with Foxit Software, a world-renowned PDF expert.” said Leonid Kitainik, general manager of Ritescript.  “With the fast growth of Tablet PC usage in healthcare and the proliferation of electronic whiteboards in education, our joint product will make doctors, nurses, students, and teachers more efficient in their offices and on the go and will contribute to the paperless world.”

Revolutionizing the PDF for Healthcare and Educational Professionals

The PDF PenSuite Pro is a powerful and inexpensive PDF authoring tool emphasizing digital ink features. This technology is geared toward professional users in the healthcare and education markets. The PDF PenSuite Pro makes it easier for healthcare offices and doctors along with educators and students who are increasingly using Tablet PCs, convertible netbooks, pen tablets, interactive whiteboards, and any other digital pen.

Pricing and availability

PDF PenSuite Pro 1.0 is available immediately through the online store on the product website at a base price of $149.00. Free 30-day trial version can also be downloaded from the product website.  

For more information about Foxit please visit
For more information about Ritescript please visit  (Source: Press Release)

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Hikari iFrame: Japan gets Android-powered, inexpensive tablet PC

NTT, Japan’s biggest telecommunications company (its subsidiary NTT East, to be more exact) has unveiled the Hikari iFrame [JP] yesterday, an Android-powered tablet PC that’s supposed to be extra-easy to use and doubles as a digital picture frame. NTT East has already set up a dedicated product web site [JP] for the iFrame, marketing it as a lifestyle product of sorts.

The device features a 7-inch touch-panel display, an internal battery, a speaker, an alarm clock, a USB port and an SD memory card slot. And yes, it can be used to access the web via Wi-Fi. In an attempt to appeal to casual web users, NTT East says it will make heavy use of widgets that just need to be tapped to display various content like the weather, recipes, or the latest news. (Source: Serkan Toto, SourceGear)

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New Details Emerge About The CrunchPad Tablet

According to the team, the CrunchPad will be priced around three and four hundred dollars and will support advertisements  “without impacting the user experience”. Of course the question here is who would spend 400 bucks for couch-surfing when the same can be done on our phones and other multimedia-devices? Also being subjected to advertising after shelling out a decent amount of money doesn't sound appealing either.  (Source: iSmashPhone)
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Innovative Converged Devices to launch Android powered Vega Tablet PC

Seattle-based Innovative Converged Devices has announced a new product named Vega.

Vega would be a Tablet PC like device which would run on Google Android 2.0 platform.

It is expected to arrive in the market early next year. The company aims to sell 3 different editions in size options: 7”, 11” and 15”.   (Source:

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Apple Could Include Stylus with Tablet PC, Suggests Patent Application

Apple's rumored tablet PC received another jolt of scuttlebutt when the blogosphere uncovered a patent application submitted by Apple for a "pen-based input system" that would facilitate handwriting on a touchscreen. Previous patent applications have suggested that the tablet PC, still unconfirmed by Apple, will offer a versatile touchscreen. Despite Apple's customary silence, both the media and potential Apple partners have been circulating rumors and ideas about the device for months. (Source: Nicholas Kolakowski, eWeek)
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