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On Screen Keyboard
By Chris De Herrera
Revised 9/7/03

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Did you know that Windows XP has a built-in on screen keyboard (OSK)?  Well it does!  All you have to do is click, Start - Run - OSK to display it. An easier way to do this with your Tablet PC is to create a shortcut to the OSK on your Quick Launch Taskbar, your menus or desktop.  Here's a predefined shortcut for the OSK to make it easier. The OSK does have the ability to increase the font size and stay on top of other applications.

There are differences between the Tablet PC Input Panel's (TIP) keyboard and the OSK:

The OSK (Actual Size) has all the standard keys that the PC does

On Screen Keyboard, Enhanced

On Screen Keyboard - Basic

while the TIP Keyboard (Same width as the PC's resolution) does not

Tablet Input Panel - Keyboard

If you have additional ideas on what users should configure on their Tablet PC, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

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