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Tablet PC Talk Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) Quick Comparison

Find the latest Ultra Mobile PCs announced since March 2006. This comparison allows you to sort or reverse sort the table of Ultra Mobile PCs by clicking on the links at the top of the columns so you can easily identify the Ultra Mobile PC that supports the attributes you want. Also, this table will print in landscape mode nicely as well.

eo v7110TabletKioskVIA C7M NaNo1256307800 x 480(2) USB 2.0, Headphone & Microphone Jack802.11g, Bluetooth 2.0 EGRn/a1.982.5
R2HAsusIntel ULV Celeron M0.9256307800 x 480(3) USB 2.0, Camera 1.3 MP, Optional GPS802.11g, Bluetooth EDR, 10/100 EthernetSD slot20
Mini-NoteFounderIntel ULV Celeron1256307800 x 480(2) USB 2.0802.11gn/a1.830
SmartCaddiePaceblade JapanVIA C 7M151207800 x 480(2) USB 2.0802.11gn/a1.92.5
Q1SamsungIntel Celeron M0.9512207800 x 480(2) USB 2.0, VGA, GPS802.11g, Bluetooth, 10/100 EthernetCompactFlash Type II1.713.5
AHIAveratec00051280 x 1024(2) USB 2.0, Keyboard, 2MP cameraWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, ModemSD00
Vaio UX180PSonyPentium M1.2512304.51024 x 600USB 2.0, Port Replicator802.11a/g, EDGE, Bluetooth, 10/100 EthernetMemory Stick1.22.5


  1. RAM is the default in Megabytes
  2. Disk is in Gigabytes
  3. Disp is Display size in inches
  4. Weight is in Pounds
  5. Bat Life is Battery Life in Hours, 0 means unknown battery life

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