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Cheryl's Tablet PC Diary - Day 3

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About Cheryl Wester

Cheryl is a high school teacher that recently won a Tablet PC.  This is the beginning of her diary based on using the Acer Tablet PC she won.

Day Three with my Tablet PC... 

Okay, I’m getting a little bit frustrated. I received Office XP Professional and installed it. I went to the web site and downloaded all the important updates. Then, I installed the Tablet Pack to enable me to use the pen features, and now I keep running into brick walls. I’m not sure if it is operator malfunction or software malfunction. When I use the pen features in Word I keep getting a “This object is corrupt or no longer available” error and have to close the file and start over. Also, when I use the built in picture viewer on XP I get we’re sorry but there has been an error and we need to close error. I’m not doing any editing or anything—I just want to look at my pictures!

I can’t wait to see the people in the Tablet division at Comdex! Hopefully they will have some knowledgeable people that can help me. I want to take a mini course on how to use these features—and I want it now! I have never been known for my patience and this is starting to annoy big time. Also, when keyboarding the small size of the keyboard is going to take getting use to. I have never made so many typos (shouldn’t they be called keypos?) in my life.

Well, off to the drawing board. I need to practice.

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