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Cheryl's Tablet PC Diary - Day 10

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About Cheryl Wester

Cheryl is a high school teacher that recently won a Tablet PC.  This is the beginning of her diary based on using the Acer Tablet PC she won.

Day Ten with my Tablet PC and on Vacation with my Acer

Iím on vacation and thought I would try the speech recognition for the first time.  After the initial training, it has been pretty easy to use. So far, at this point in my writing, Iím at 100% accuracy!  Oops, I spoke too soon; I now have my first error.  Since I have not yet figured out how to use all of the commands, I will go back and correct this by using the keyboard when I am done. I wonder how many errors I will have. 

Believe it or not, the hardest part for me in setting up the speech recognition was purchasing a new headset and planning and figuring out how to plug the darn thing in.  I was trying to figure out how this headset could go over both of my ears with the shape that it was. My husband quickly informed me that it was only meant to go over one ear!  You can tell that I donít use my CD player very often.  Iím to busy playing with all of my computer gadgets!  I guess that makes me a true geek (is geekette the female version?)  After realizing that I needed to plug in to both of the audio holes on the right hand side of my Tablet PC I was then able to quickly do the training session for speech. The directions for this were very straight forward and I found that it took me less than the ten minutes that it said it would.  Perhaps, this is because I speak so fast. Speech recognition does not like the way I say ďtablet,Ē it keeps on a wanting to say Catholic.  Finally, it did get it right! 

Every day that I use my Tablet PC I find more and more things that I like about it.  It is very light weight and easy to carry around with me. It also seems to be a great way to meet people as every time I use it I soon have a crowd gathering around me. A friend of mine told me that I would need to add one hour to the time I plan to use this because of all the questions that I would receive when trying it out. He is right! Iím in Palm Springs right now, and even though it is December 31st, Iím out by the pool. The crowd is starting to gather around me and my Tablet PC, so Iím going to turn off the speech recognition and type the old fashioned way. Maybe then I will be able to finish what I am writing.

I need to practice my keyboarding skills anyway. I still seem to key a lot of numbers in the middle of my words.   I guess my fingernails are going to get a little shorter yet again! So far the speech recognition is doing better than my keyboarding!  This is embarrassing to say as I teach keyboardingóbut on a ďnormalĒ size keyboard.  The speech recognition only had 5 errors that I had to correct.

This is the only way to go. Iím now willing to give up my laptop and use this the entire time.  Since I received this, my laptop has been gathering a lot of dust.  There is nothing that my laptop can do that this canít do.  This can also do more-my laptop doesnít have built in wireless or speech technology.  Oh, my next step is to find a StarBucks and try the wireless-I hope they have something other than coffee!  I never did get into that habit. Happy New Year everyone!

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