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Professional Developers Conference 2003 Roundup

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At the PDC 2003 in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced a new generation of Tablet PC code named Lonestar, with a new Tablet PC SDK version 1.7.  Also, they discussed how ink will integrate with future Tablet PCs using Microsoft's next generation operating system, code named Longhorn.

Here is a list of presentations you may want to review for specific details on Microsoft's plans for the Tablet PC:

Transcript of Remarks by Jim Allchin, Group Vice President, Platforms Professional Developers Conference 2003 Los Angeles, California October 27, 2003

New Tools for Tablet PC Developers
With new tools and capabilities, Microsoft’s new software developer kit (SDK) for Tablet PC makes it easier for developers to create ink-ready applications.

Tablet PC Platform Roadmap
Come see the enhancements made to tablet technologies in "Longhorn". See how inking is done and get introduced to the APIs (I.e., ink elements and ink analysis) to provide rich Tablet features in a "Longhorn" application.
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"Avalon": Keyboard, Speech and Pen Input in Your Controls
Get an overview of the input framework, capabilities of the client platform and how to enable and extend these in your applications. Learn about input events: routing and handling; command framework; pen and ink support; speech dictation and commanding support; advanced keyboard support; and extending.
D/L   Powerpoint

"Longhorn" Mobile Application Overview: Designing Mobile Applications for Laptops and Tablet PCs - Networking, Data, Power and Other Considerations
With laptop, notebook and Tablet PC sales growing faster than desktops, "Longhorn" provides a platform for developing applications for mobile form factors, i.e.: ACPI, Networking, Data Synchronization etc. This session provides an overview of the mobile landscape, key technologies and why it is important to keep these in mind for developing your applications.
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